Benefits of using WoundSense

There are many benefits in using WoundSense and some of these are listed below. There are cost saving benefits and improvements in patient comfort.

WoundSense capabilities Corresponding benefits
Manages moisture measurement at the wound surface – without removing the dressing

Patient comfort – where moisture is optimum dressing changes can be avoided sparing patients pain and trauma

Dressings can be expensive and if moisture is optimum for your clinical needs then the dressing can stay in place

An indication that a dressing does not need changed saves valuable nursing time in clinics and in community care.


Can enhance clinical practice on decisions regarding dressing changes by providing diagnostic information on moisture or moisture changes in the wound non-invasively.

Provides information which can support the implementation of TIME guidelines - please click here for further information from (PDF)

Allows you to assess the wound at a convenient time for you or to have the wound moisture status recorded at multiple time points by clinical staff or carers.


Use of the sensor system and the 5 drop scale patient data sheet will indicate if exudate is increasing with time from the wound Valuable indicator of potential change in wound status such as the onset of infection and allows you to intervene appropriately.
Promotes better community care during nurse visits

Enhances the decision making information for busy community nurses in wound management, letting them monitor the patient effectively for dressing changes without changing the dressing to observe the wound on every visit.


Measures that a wound is starting to dry out

Dryness indicates need for care on dressing removal and the need to scale down to a lighter wound coverage or add moisture if wound has dried too early.


Monitors moisture level at wound bed checked while leaving wound undisturbed

Allows wound healing stages to continue undisturbed.

Minimises possibility of healing wound becoming infected by frequent exposures to check dressings.


Promotes cost effectiveness

Monitoring moisture and moisture levels against time allows better dressing selection.


Reassurance that advanced dressing is in functional range

Many advanced moisture control dressings such as silver or alginate dressings need to be moist to be scientifically functional.


Assists in wound management for patient discharge from hospital

Patient hospital stays are often extended to ensure that the wound has reached a moderate level of exudate discharge and that the need for dressing changes is not too frequent. Use of the 5 drop scale data sheet can clearly indicate when a wound is settling into moderate levels of dressing changes and enhance the efficiency of the discharge decision.


Can support palliative care or chronic wound care

Improves quality of life for patients needing long term wound management. Many of these patients are reluctant to leave home environments as they worry about dressing leakage. WoundSense meters can be left with trained carers or patients to allow them to check moisture status.

For competent carers or patients a community nurse may advise on how to use the meter to decide on dressings changes.


Provides a record of wound care

The WoundSense data recording sheet for a patient can show that the wound moisture status was checked regularly. This is important for proof of clinical care if a patient’s wound management is questioned.


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