Clinical Needs in Woundcare

Moisture monitoring and reduced dressing changes can improve community and clinic wound care. In the UK alone chronic wound care costs the NHS at least £2Bn per annum and forms a significant part of community nursing work. If wound dressing changes could be more scientifically managed and nursing resource only deployed as needed then patients and nurses would benefit. Our wound dressing sensor measures moisture in the dressing without disturbing it. This allows a patient, carer or nurse to avoid a dressing change if the dressing moisture is still optimal for healing. Our wound sensor can be deployed with NHS Florence to allow wound care patients to monitor themselves at home if there is a desire to do so and can also be used for diabetic foot patients receiving foot ulcer dressings.


Click here for a PDF copy of our paper on our clinical trial and the importance of moisture measurement.

Click here for a PDF copy of an article on wound moisture monitoring in Trauma using Woundsense.

Click here for a PDF copy of an article on using Woundsense to monitor moisture in the hospital ward.

Click here for a PDF copy of the European Wound Management Association document on wound bed preparation and TIME guidelines that discuss the importance of moisture control wound healing.



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