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Ohmedics congratulates the University of Strathclyde and the Royal Hospital for Children on their newly awarded Gates grant


Ohmedics would like to congratulate The University of Strathclyde and The Queen Elizabeth Children’s Hospital on the award of a grant from the Gates Foundation. This grant is for research into a device for transdermal measurement of blood markers which will identify medical conditions previously requiring blood to be taken from neonatal and premature babies. This grant is led by Professor Trish Connolly the CEO of Ohmedics.


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44% of dressing changes are not required – How much money and time does that save?


A medical study using the Ohmedics’ WoundSense product conducted on over 600 patients with long term wounds concluded that 44% of dressing changes were not required. The potential savings to NHS and other healthcare providers runs into 100s of millions (GBP £) and could reduce exposure to infections and reduce discomfort to patients.


Click here for the paper on this study (in PDF format)


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Ohmedics expects to be able to early detect oncoming infections for lung disease sufferers


Ohmedics is now almost two years into an InnovateUK funded grant to identify when patients with lung disease could be about to have an exacerbation in their condition due to lung infection. The project progress has been very positive with the early production of the reagentlessdetection system and the identification of electronic signatures for a number of the commonlung bacterial infections. Such early detection will allow swift community intervention and should reduce the number of hospital entries. The technology platform will also have application in detection of urine and other fluid borne infections.



For further information contact info@ohmedics.com


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