Ohmedics congratulates the University of Strathclyde and the Royal Hospital for Children on their newly awarded Gates grant

                                                                                    44% of dressing changes are not required – How much money and time does that save?                                   

Ohmedics expects to be able to early detect oncoming infections for lung disease sufferers

Advanced diagnostics from Bioelectronics for home, clinic and telehealth use.

Ohmedics Ltd is a company that provides and deploys advanced diagnostic systems that are easy to use in the home or clinic as well as telehealth integration services for clinical providers based on our extensive experience and IP portfolio in Bioelectronics.
We recognise that mobile diagnostics and monitoring systems are urgently needed to meet the changing global demographics and healthcare needs. Our professional experience informs us that the medical devices developed for these markets must meet regulatory standards and not simply be technology concepts incapable of delivering to medical diagnostic needs.
Our ISO 13485 certified company has a portfolio of developed devices and IP covering;


  • Wearable diagnostic sensors for medical and sports monitoring.  (Click here for more info)


  • Bacterial sensors for early infection detection in lung infection, urine infection   and other diseases. (Click here for more info)


  • Wound care diagnostic sensors for home use to alleviate the burden of   unnecessary dressing changes and improve wound care in the community and clinic. (Click here for more info)


  • Telehealth integration projects bringing together recognised providers and state of    the art NHS telehealth monitoring. (Click here for more info)




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Tel. No.  +44 (0)141-303-8385


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